Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Saw Today......

It's another absolutely beautiful day.  Much warmer than my walk on Saturday.  Lots of people out this afternoon.   I met Morgan and her mom right away.   Morgan wasn't sure about me and started barking, so I only took two pictures of her, and this is the best. 

These trees are full of small pine cones.   I think I"ll need to get a tree identification book.   I wasn't really counting, but I saw at least six different types of pine trees  today.

Empty wine bottle. 
I swear, it's not mine!  I toss mine in the trash when I'm done.

I think a crow had been checking out the wine bottle too.

This little snowman was about hip high on me.

This tree is still hanging onto it's leaves.  

And a kite eating tree.  

A warned you about my thing for trees.

And here's  "Jake" the turkey.   I was quite a distance away from him, and I know  it looks like those pictures of Bigfoot that you see on TV,  but it really is Jake.   Really!

That's what I saw today.


  1. Lisa, what a wonderful idea. It brings back lots of memories when we used to bike around the lakes. Thanks.

    Pat Fenske (cousin)

    1. Thanks Pat. Hope you and Jeff enjoy this.

  2. We used this photo and others you have of the turkey(s) on our Facebook page for Phil (The Nokomis Turkey). If you would like us to remove them or add additional credits, please let us know and we will be happy to follow your wishes. Thanks!