Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you sure it's not April 9th?

It's 50 DEGREES today, on the 9th of JANUARY, in MINNESOTA!   Crazy weather.   It should be below zero this time of year.   But I'm not complaining. 

Still not feeling great, but got myself back to work today.   Found out quite a few co-workers have also been out for multiple days with various bugs.   I did feel well enough this afternoon, and with the lovely weather, that I went down to the lake for some pictures.  

I drove over to the Big Beach.   There are two beaches at Nokomis.  The Big Beach and the Little Beach.  I think the official name of the Little Beach is the 50th Street Beach, but no one calls it that.   At the Big Beach they're trying to get ready for the U.S. Pond Hockey Tournaments.   It's scheduled for January 20-22, 2012.  Unless it gets cold pretty soon, I don't see it happening.   Two rinks have been assembled close to shore.
lot's of material ready to assemble more rinks

Couple of brave workers out marking the ice and checking the depth.  Maybe the lifeguard should be on duty!

They may be able to rent out the canoes and kayaks a lot earlier than usual this year.

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