Monday, January 2, 2012

Day One

After a false start, I have pictures!  I stopped on my way home from work, took one shot and my batteries went dead.   I had just put them in a week or so ago.  Must have been old.  So drove home, got new batteries, warmer socks, heavier coat, earmuffs, a scarf and heavier mittens (it's 19 degrees out), and made my way back down to the lake.   I was afraid I'd miss the wind/ice surfer, but he (or maybe she) was still there and had been joined by another.  Also the usual portable ice houses were out.

I was a little fearful for the ice surfers as the middle of the lake is still wide open, but they appeared to be staying far enough away from the open water.

See the open water in the background?

And in the foreground.

You can see downtown Minneapolis in the distance.  

So, I've made my start at this project.  Will I follow it through?  I guess only time will tell.   I do have a head full of ideas of where and what I want to shot during the year.  There's so much beauty around this little lake in the middle of the city.  I'm lucky to have it in my backyard.

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  1. Brrrr,,,, I can feel the cold all the way down here. Mom being a Mom, worried about the safety of the ice surfers..sweet ♥

    Nice pics and narration in the piece.