Thursday, January 5, 2012

Change of course

I was home sick again today, so no chance to take pictures, again.   I recognize that I was (maybe?) a little over ambitious with this project.  I stepped back today and gave myself the okay to not take pictures everyday.  I will take them everyday that I am able to.   Much more reasonable goal I think.   I may still blog even on the days I can't get out, even if I don't think  I have anything to say.    I can see my close friends and family grinning at that.   "Catwoman with nothing to say, ha!"   But in reality, inside of me, I am a very shy person.  Until I get to know you, and even after I do, I can be very quiet.  I talk and share when I feel really comfortable with someone.  I'm really more of an observer.  That's not to say I'm not opinionated, because I know I am.   But, that's part of this whole blog - I'm really, really stepping outside of my comfort zone.   I'm giving away some of "me", which I usually hold pretty close.   Wow - I'm growing already. 

Knitting news - oh come one now, you KNOW there's going to be knitting news.  I live and breathe knitting.
I'm loving the sweater I'm working on and the fit is great so far.   I have to get going on the 'Socks for Heidi' though.   I'll work on those some more tomorrow.    Still waiting, somewhat patiently, to hear if the two patterns I've submitted to a yarn company will be bought or not.   It would be soooooooo cool for me to be a real designer.  

I've also spent a good part of the afternoon trying to decalcify my espresso machine.   I've neglected it dreadfully over the last two years and now I'm paying for it.   I think I almost have it flowing freely again.   Now see, isn't that exciting?   Decalcifying an espresso machine.   This women really lives on the edge!

Until the next time..........


  1. Lisa, LOVE the idea of a blog! The pictures of the lake are great!

  2. Thanks Terri, we'll see what happens.

  3. Huuuummm.... living on the edge, giving away those always kept close and safe parts of ones self... growing... fasinating!!!! This blog, examination of YOU, should be very fruitful for you.