Saturday, January 7, 2012

And I'm still stuck in the house......

Man, this cold is really keeping me down.   It's not in my head, I'm pretty clear there, it's a chest thing.  And a headache the last couple of days.   I haven't been out of the house since Tuesday, when I came home from work without my voice.   It's too bad too.  The last couple of days have been amazingly warm for January in Minnesota - mid 40's the last two days - and would have been great to be out taking pictures at the lake.   I heard equipment has been delivered for the annual Pond Hockey Tournaments.  Wonder if it will happen or not?   I think they have a couple of weeks yet, so hopefully things will freeze up enough for the boards to go up on all the rinks.   The ice certainly wouldn't hold all those people if it were this weekend!

So, another day of COL (cat on lap) working on my knitting, sipping a latte, and playing on the computer.  Things could be worse.   Cleocatra doesn't look happy because I made her stop playing with my needles. 

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