Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Hard to believe 10 short days ago it was 52 degrees!  This morning when I headed off to work it was -10.   It was only 4 degrees when I stopped on my way home to snap a couple pictures.   It's a beautiful day, in spite of the cold.

They're very busy at the Big Beach, getting ready for the Pond Hockey Tournament.   They have the parking area defined on the softball fields.  Signs up everywhere.   I saw a lot of food service/vendor trucks in the parking lot, unloading their supplies.   Lots of action on the ice also.   Saw these blue huts/tents out there.  Not sure what they're using them for.  Warming areas for the workers maybe?

I saw a guy ice skating all over the lake.  Seemed a little cold to be out there, but he looked to be having a good time.   The ice is clear of snow cover, but it looks pretty bumpy to be skating on.

I always chuckle a bit when I see the various docks anchored in the middle of the lake for winter.   If they're not going to take them out of the water, you'd think they could just leave them where they belong.  There must be a reason.

I didn't see Jake the turkey today, but I've seen a lot of him since I took his picture.   I've heard he stops traffic  regularly on Cedar Avenue.   Hope he doesn't get hit.   The day after Hunter Tom identified him as a "Jake", Hunter Tom saw a coyote on Cedar Avenue near the Home Depot store, just north of 66th Street.  Wonder if they eat turkey?  

I saw a very odd thing this afternoon on my drive home from work.   I was on Minnehaha Parkway, just at the bridge over Minnehaha Creek, by Longfellow Gardens.  I glanced north, up the creek, and there was a guy riding his bike down the middle of the frozen stream.  There's a nice bike path that runs right along there, and it's clear of snow!   I wish I would have had time to get a picture. 

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  1. If you look just right at the last shot.. do you see the hungrey looking wolfish animal reaching for the water with it's long arms.. Hummm??