Sunday, January 15, 2012

I vote for longer weekends!

The weekend just zoomed by.   I didn't get out yesterday.  I was busy catching up on my housework.  Between my cold and my surgery before that,  I haven't been the most productive person in the world.   I've healed enough that I could  even do my yoga yesterday.   It felt so wonderful to get stretched out and really move after being pretty sedentary for a month.  

Today is another 40 degree day.  It's gorgeous out.   I stopped by the lake for a couple of quick shots before running to Target.   They've made a lot of progress for the Pond Hockey tournament next weekend.  It looks like they have all the rinks set up.   It's hard to tell from this picture, the light on the lake is a little flat because of the dusting of snow we got yesterday, but I think there's 20 rinks set up, give or take.   They have the pavilion almost enclosed too.   It's supposed to get down into the teens and lower starting tomorrow, so the lake should freeze enough for the festivities.   I, however, will not be going out to watch the games in the middle of the lake, but I may take in one a little closer to shore one. 

Not my best shot ever.  It will be a lot more interesting next weekend when the games are going on and the lake is full of people.

I do however like this picture of the downtown skyline.   Princess Kitty works in Capella Tower, the tall, round building on the right.  I hope to get some night shots of the skyline down the road. 

That's all I have today.

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