Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who's Keeping Score?

I've been slacking off on my blogging a bit lately.  I did meet a friend for a walk on Tuesday, but left the camera at home.  It was nice to just walk and talk.  But, I missed a chance to take a picture of a muskrat, or was it an otter, swimming along the shore.  Jody says muskrat, but I'm not too sure.  A missed opportunity. 

I had another one of those "there goes the batteries" days.  I looked at the fresh pack on my dresser, but decided to chance it.  Sure enough, after my first shot the camera started beeping to let me know the batteries had had it.   Thought I'd just walk and not worry about pics, but then I saw all kinds of activity by the Big Beach.  Kayaks in the water.  LOTS of kayaks.  And me, without batteries!  

I called Catboy and he agreed to grab my fresh batteries and drive them over to me.   He's a good kitten!   After a honk and a pack of fresh ones flung through the window at me, I was good to go.

I found out Midwest Mountaineering was showing kayaks and canoes, giving people a chance to try them out before buying.

While I was watching all the folks on the water, I noticed an eagle flying over.   I'm guessing it was the one that used to nest behind the 5-8 Club.  The nest blew down a year or so ago.  Don't know where they're nesting now, there was a pair, and one baby that I know of, but they're still using the territory.  I tried hard to get pictures, but he was a bit too high and moving too fast for my camera.  Another miss.

I was lucky enough to be serenaded by this robin though, and it sat still for me!

There had to be a hundred carp surfacing along the bridge this afternoon.   Much better shot than the ones from last week.   But, YUCK! 

So, for those keeping score - two misses, the muskrat (or otter) and the eagle.  A near miss - the multitude of kayakers, and a save - the carp.   A bonus - the robin.  And then there's this..............

Can you smell it?

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