Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools

Not a single April Fools joke or prank did I hear today.   Has April Fools gone out of vogue?

I'm been trying to figure out if Mother Nature is playing a joke on us.  This warm weather is amazing.  It  got up to 88 in Pipestone today.  Crazy!   Is Mom toying with us?  Will there be one last big blizzard?   We put the shovels away, but have been afraid to run the gas out of the snowblower.  Why tempt fate, right?   I still have my snow brush in the car, just in case.   I saw people mowing today - no joke. 

Somebody obviously was joking with this guy - Dude, you're not going to catch a wave here!

I've never seen anyone fly fishing here before.   I sat on the wall by the small beach with a latte from Nokomis Beach Coffee, watching them for awhile - didn't see either one get even a strike, but I think they were just enjoying being out there.

I've been looking at this stump all winter.  Does X really mark the spot?  I have an urge to bring a shovel down and start digging.  Too obvious, or is that the point?  Hidden in plain sight? 

When I was sitting on the wall drinking my latte and watching the fly fishermen, I just had to take a picture of my new walking shoes - they weigh almost nothing!   They're New Balance, and I love them a lot!  And no, this is not a paid endorsement, though I'd be open to that.

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