Sunday, April 8, 2012

Knitting Designer - YES I AM!

Happy Easter!   The Cat Family will be spending the afternoon with our niece Fluffy, and her family.   It's always fun to be with them.   The eight of us actually vacationed together at Disney World a few years ago, and we still like each other, even after sharing a house for a week, and being together constantly.   It was a great trip.  We even got to see a night launch of a space shuttle,  from our backyard pool while sipping wine and relaxing after a long day in one of the parks.   Doesn't get much better than that!

Well, it's official.  I SOLD, as in made money from, one of my knitting designs.  I posted it on Ravelry, which is a HUGE (over two million members world wide) site for knitters that is both social and practical.   I'm not going to list everything that can be done on that site, but it's a pretty amazing place.   Back to my pattern......  individuals can list patterns for sale as downloadable E-patterns.   We set up an account, upload the pattern and pictures and set a price.  The site does the rest and links any payments through your PayPal account.   I've had my pattern up for a little over a week now, and had my first sale today!   

This is the sock.  It's called Dani Sweetheart, after my darling daughter.   So now you know, Princess Kitty isn't her real name!

Why yes, that is a gargoyle being used as a foot rest.

I won't be able to retire anytime soon with only one sale, but, if I could get everyone on Ravelry to buy the pattern,  2.4 million users or so,  at $5 a pop, minus $5 for me, since  I own the pattern and don't need to buy it, and minus $5 for my Ravelry friend Zuzusunshine, who I gifted a copy to.  Oh, and if all of  my Facebook friends were to buy a copy too.   Even if they don't knit themselves, I'm sure they must know someone who does.  

 Hmmmmmmmm, maybe I can retire early!

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