Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What are you, 17?

Why yes, yes I am.  Today was the first day I opened my sunroof on my drive home from work.  That's always a red letter day for me.   I have a ritual that I've been doing for the last 10 years, ever since I got my PT Cruiser.  I don't know why I started it, but I did.   I open the sunroof on the first really nice day and plug in Deep Purple - Machine Head and crank up Highway Star with plenty of bass.   So yes, I am 17, at least for this afternoon.  Oh, and tomorrow afternoon too, if it's nice. On the second day I pop in Edgar Winter - They Only Come Out at Night.   Gotta listen to Free Ride and Frankenstein.   After that it's whatever I'm in the mood for - could be jazz with Diana Krall, bluesy Phoebe Snow, Adele, Tony Bennett, Beatles, Gershwin, Van Cliburn or Alice Cooper (I love Alice!).    As I was coming down the alley, I saw my son waiting for me.  His car isn't running right now so he's using mine to get to work.  He heard my bass thumping and just shook his head.   I can't help myself!  Spring makes me giddy. 

This is Brandon, who is a very personable young man.  I saw him playing his guitar, and as I got near I could hear him singing too.  I stood and listened for awhile.  He sounds like James Taylor and I told him so.   He said he grew up listening to James Taylor and that it was a high compliment to be compared to him.

The ice is really getting black.  It's open all around the edges, and open off the point.  With the 70's predicted for most of the week, I'm betting on ice out this weekend? 

The trees are really budding out. 

The warm weather has brought out another regular down at the lake.  Yes, Speedo-Man and his two white dogs.   He hangs out between the point and the little beach.   I don't think he ever walks around the lake, just hangs in that general area.  Today he was doing stretching exercises - yeah right.  I'm pretty sure I won't  be taking any pictures of him, though I'd bet he'd like me to. 


  1. I remember when we saw Speedo-Man last year! Quite a site to see! :)

    1. Jody and I have been "fortunate" enough to see him often on our afternoon walks. This is my first sighting for this year.

  2. I enjoy the pictures. Maybe a sound byte? Buds on the trees are great and who cares what the kids think.

  3. Keeping Speedo Man to yourself is just so wrong! Kidding, really. I usually crank up the radio and roll down the windows too, though I miss when 107.9 used to play the real oldies.