Monday, March 5, 2012

Signs of Spring

Minnehaha Creek looking toward the Hiawatha Golf Course.  This is where the dam used to be.
Spring is in the air.  It doesn't necessarily look or feel like like it, but it's coming.  How do I know?  Well, it's March and that means lots of events that tell the coming of spring.  What are these events you ask? 

1.  Minnesota High School sports tournaments.   We've had gymnastics, wrestling, girls hockey, boy's swimming & diving.  Boy's hockey is this weekend.   Boys & girls basketball isn't far behind.  
2.  The Home and Garden Show was this past weekend.
3.  Girl Scout cookies are everywhere.
4.  Minnehaha Creek is open near the old Longfellow Library. 
5.  The days are getting longer.  It's not pitch black out when my co-worker and I go across the street for coffee at 6:30 each morning, although that will change for a bit next week when.....
6.  Daylight savings time starts next Sunday and we turn the clocks ahead an hour.
7.  I have box elder bugs in my office.  Every year as soon as the sun starts warming up the building a bit, out they come.  
8.  They're advertising for the various boating, camping, and travel shows that make the rounds this time of year.
9.  The calendar says so.
10.  Baseball!!   Twins are 2 - 1 so far in spring training.  Sure hope we have a better year than last!

I met a young man named Nate today.  I saw him taking pictures of my favorite trees, so I had to talk to him about it.  He's a poet.    I told him I call them 'Twisted Sister(s)'.   He liked that.


I hadn't seen Jake the Turkey for awhile and it's been confirmed that he played "chicken" with the cars on Cedar Avenue one too many times.   RIP Jake.

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  1. Twisted Sisters could = The Supremes. See the afro's on them. "Hit it girls"
    Nice shot of those magnificant "Women".