Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Duck Butt Tuesday

Not only do you get lake pictures, but I stopped on my way home from work to take some pictures of Minnehaha Creek.  The locals will know this area - Minnehaha Parkway and 39th Avenue, across from where the Longfellow Library used to sit. 

This is looking toward Minnehaha Falls.  You can see the danger buoy.
Lots of ducks and three geese were enjoying the open water.I'll have to check out the falls one day this week.

Isn't he beautiful? 

This one's for Bonnie & Linda - Look Guys - DUCK BUTTS!!!
(no, I'm not going to explain)


 No ducks at the lake, but there's lots of standing water.

I saw my first robin today but it flew off before I could get close
enough to take pictures.   

 I really thought with the warm temps that I wouldn't seen anyone on the lake today, but there he is........

As I was walking across the bridge today I passed a man teaching his son how to ride a bike - dad was running behind holding the back of the bike up.  By the time I passed them again near the little beach, the boy was riding by himself and was about half a block ahead of his dad.   Dad was grinning ear to ear!

Did I mention it got up to 59 degrees today!

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  1. Hi Mom,

    Haven't gotton caught up yet, but will over the next week or so. Like that your bringing us along on your exploration and discovery of "THE LAKE"

    ARTIMUS =}