Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Growth

It's a bit cooler today, but lovely nonetheless.   Many people out and about, enjoying the incredible weather.   There was the smell of charcoal near the Big Beach where a lot of picnics were going on.   The ball fields across the street had quite a few players getting in some very early practice.   I don't remember ever picking up my glove this early.  It was nice to hear the ping of the bats. 

I finally caught that elusive robin!  

I saw a pair of Common Merganser, though I only caught one of them.  I wasn't sure what they were until I heard a woman tell her friend.  I don't know that I've noticed them around here before.  I looked them up in my bird book to make sure she was right, and she was.   I saw a pair of Wood Ducks the other day on one of the holding ponds, but couldn't get a clear shot.  I'm keeping an eye out for loons.  I have seen them passing through here in past years.   I also saw several Mallard couples nesting around the shoreline, and a pair of geese on the holding pond.  It's pretty amazing what's going on in my own backyard. 


There were several people, and a dog, out on the water today.  I saw a couple of canoes and a kayaker, and there were quite a few people dipping their lines in.  I don't think I've ever seen  the lake this clear before.    

It's amazing the amount of new growth on this tree which has obviously seen better days.  It just goes to show, no matter how old you are,  and no matter what Mother Nature has thrown your way, you can still grow.   I feel myself growing everyday, and I rather like it.   I decided awhile ago that I was not going to age gracefully, not that I'm not a graceful person.  But, I will not shrink into the background!  I am going to grow and change and learn and enjoy.  I am going to be more engaged with my surroundings.  I am going to try new things - like this blog.  This is my spring, my new growth on an old tree.   I am ready. 

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