Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's A Hot One

It's hot and windy today, but that didn't keep the walkers away.  Not too many bikers or boaters though - that wind is wicked.  Lots of people cooling off in the water.  Looked like a kayak class was supposed to happen near the big beach.  I only saw a couple of boats actually on the water today, a canoe, and  I saw a guy row across the entire lake, against the wind, in a small dingy.  What a workout!   There were white caps out there.  His row back was a breeze!    (see what I did there)
I walked the long way around to the little beach and then decided to sit and knit a bit near the wall.  A dragonfly stopped on my project bag for awhile, checking out my progress. 

Showed him my cast-on and the first couple of rows before I headed up the hill to Nokomis Beach  Coffee for something cold to drink.  Grabbed a strawberry smoothie then headed back for the rest of my walk.  However, when I got to the top of the point it was nice and shady on the bench, and the breeze helped, so I sat and worked a few more rows.....
A lady rode by on her bike while I was knitting and said "You look like a picture sitting there".  Pretty ironic. If only she knew what I've been up to here!

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