Sunday, June 3, 2012

But Will I Be Able To Move Tomorrow?

I got the cleaning bug this weekend.  I like things neat and orderly and put away, but I'm not a vacuum twice a day, hand wash dishes before you put them in the dishwasher, compulsive type of  cleaner.   But, things need to be done.  Saturday I decided the kitchen needed to be cleaned from stem to stern.   I washed the ceiling and walls, cleaned the outside of the cabinets and the wainscoting.  Washed all the back splashes, counters and appliances. Yes, Catman helped. He took down the old ceiling fan/light fixture and put up a new one.  Looks much better.  We pulled the stove and fridge out to clean behind and below.  Washed all the teapots and pictures and other things hanging about.  Windows and curtains got done.  Did the living room windows for good measure.  Cleaned out and rearranged the spice/seasoning cabinet, and went through all my cookbooks ( I have many) and rearranged the bookshelf.  Scrubbed the floor on hands and knees - I usually mop.  Vacuumed and dusted.   Are you tired yet?  I am.   Oh, please don't look in the Tupperware cupboard.  I can never get that to stay neat for more than five minutes, so I didn't bother with it.

Since this took both yesterday and today to accomplish, I didn't head out for a walk this weekend.  I figured all the ups and downs on the ladder and kitchen chairs, squats, lifting, pulling, pushing, etc, etc, etc, qualified for my physical activity.  And those combination windows are damn heavy!   So, I took a few pictures around the backyard.  It's all the energy I had left, besides lifting a wine glass to my lips. 

The Achillea is starting to bloom.

We have lots of gold finches visiting.  They like these net bags full of thistle better than other types of feeders we've tried.

The iris are almost done blooming for the year.  I sure wish they bloomed all season.  They're some of my favorite flowers.

I just can't capture the true color of these - they're a lot darker purple, appearing almost black at times.

The cardinals have been busy visiting the feeder.  They are so much fun to watch.  The female comes at times, but mostly the male.  There's also been a red-winged blackbird visiting regularly.  They seem to know that we're not going to bother them.  They don't care if we're moving about the yard, they come anyway. 

I love these Japanese Iris.  They're so dainty.  We've had them in for several years now, but they bloomed for the first time last year.
They're so delicate, and such a pure white.

I have a four day weekend coming up - will the cleaning frenzy continue? 

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