Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And Your Little Dog Too

It's such a beautiful day today that I decided to bike around the lake instead of walking.  I really haven't been on the bike since I last posted about it, and thought it was about time.  I was almost at the end of our block when I saw Princess Kitty with Catboy driving down the street, and I knew in an instant that they were going to mock me.  Yes, my children MOCKED ME!   And how were they mocking me?  They were humming that tune from the Wizard of Oz.  You know the one I'm talking about.  The one they play when Miss Gulch is biking down the road with Toto in the wicker basket. 
Here's  my basket, the one Catboy gave me for Mother's Day.   It has a quick release and a handle, so I can take the whole works with me if I stop somewhere.  Mock me if you must, but I reallly like it.
It was nice not to have the gale force winds of the last several days, just enough of a breeze to fill the sails, but no whitecaps. 

Oh, I almost forgot.........

I ran into Toto (not his real name).  Unfortunately, he wouldn't sit in the basket for me.  His owner and I  tried.   I think he's seen the movie.


  1. hey, you know Fran Fagerstrom has a sail boat on Nokomis. he wants to take me out sometime around Aug. 4th (SOMEONES birthday) so if your doing your rounds early Aug, keep and eye out for a sail boat with 2 old farts on it !


    1. I've been meaning to contact Fran about his boat. I'm hoping for a photo op this summer. Put in a good word for me?

  2. you call it mocking, I call it loving :)