Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You!

This is a thank you to family and friends who are gone, but not forgotten, those who served in the military for us, and those who stayed at home, working, waiting, and trying to stay positive while waiting for word of their loved ones.   Bob and I spent a lot of time at Ft. Snelling today, and visited two other cemeteries as well, to pay our respects to departed family members.  We placed flags and flowers and said our thanks and said "miss you/love you" to one and all.
Where do I start?   I will start with my parents.   Dad spent his entire Service, after basic training, on Kodiak Island, Alaska, and then as an MP here at the end of the war  before being mustered out.   He was fortunate not to see battle, but he was still at war, in a foreign country (at that time), and he was there for the duration without leave.
This is my Dad:

And then, there's my Mom.  This is their wedding picture.  They met at the end of the war, when he was an MP. 

Their marriage didn't last, and Mom's at another cemetery, but that doesn't really matter today.

I miss them both so much, and think of them everyday.

Before my Dad, there was his dad, my Grandpa Herrian.  He was a Doughboy.  He spent time in France during WWI.  I don't have a picture of his marker, but, I have a picture of him in uniform.  He died when I was 3 or 4, and  I really don't remember him, but, he was my Grandpa, and he fought for us, and I love him.
Grandpa Herrian's the one on the left.

Then, there's Bob's Mom. 
She was at home with three young daughter's, one a newborn, while her husband was fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.  We still have Alvin with us- he'll be 90 this summer.  Thank you Dad.  And, thank you Mom, we miss you so much!

Dorothy isn't the only member of her family at Ft. Snelling.  Her father, Bob's Grandpa Art, is there - another WWI Doughboy.  He was a lovely, witty man, and I was lucky to have known him.
Then there's Dorothy's Brother, Bob's Uncle Glenn 
And his wife Marion
And, Glenn and Marion's son Bill, Bob's Cousin. 
Father, Son, Daughter, Grandson.

Bob has another uncle here as well, his Dad's oldest brother, Emil, and his wife Bea.

Emil and Bea  lived on my block when I was growing up.  I went to school with their kids, actually graduated with their daughter Ardis.  Knew them long before I met Bob.  It's a small world!

Above are Uncle Kenny & Auntie Jeanette, my Dad's sister and brother-in-law.  We spent every Thanksgiving and every 4th of July with them when I was young.  Miss you both!

And this is my Mom's brother, my Uncle Boedy and my Auntie Stelle.  They were my Godparents.
Uncle Boedy also fought in the Battle of the Bulge.  Boedy & Stelle are at Resurrection Cemetery, where my Mom is.  He chose not to be at Ft. Snelling.  He didn't like to remember....

While we were still at Ft. Snelling we also visited the parents of My Two Linda's.

Linda One I grew up with.  We lived just a couple doors apart.  We have known each other all our lives.  Our parents were friends, our brothers are friends, her older sisters babysat me.  I got to go to the cabin with them frequently, and Kenny & Jeanette were a second set of parents to me.

Did any of you catch that there are two couples here named Kenny & Jeanette?

Linda Two was my Maid of Honor.  We met while working together at McDonald's, when I was still in high school.   Her parents are here, but she lives out West,  and her brother is out East, and they don't get to visit often, so Bob and I paid them a visit today.  Gerry and Phyllis were great people and I was blessed to have known them.
(Linda, that's a caterpillar on top of the stone - it looked happy there so I left it).

Last, but not least, we visited Bob's sister, Polly.  She was the the newborn daughter that Bob's Dad left behind, along with two toddler's.  We lost Polly way too soon and we miss here a great deal.  She was the favorite.  Favorite aunt, favorite sister. 

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  1. you made me tear up a bit. I miss them soooo much