Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And Me Without My Camera

Went for a walk after work with Jody today.  Decided to leave the camera home and take an umbrella instead.  The sky was looking like rain, and frankly, we spend so much time talking that I forget to take pictures.  Well, we saw a few things today that you're just going to have to imagine.  I'll try and describe them the best I can.  And, will try to get down there tomorrow with the camera and see if I get a second chance.  I'm all about second chances.

Didn't see much except vast quantities of dog poop on the sidewalks (what is up with that?) until just before the little beach.  There was a puddle in the grass near the shore, about a yard across, with six ducklings swimming around.  They were SO cute!   They were paddling about, or stopping to push their bills around in the water and grass.  They were SO cute!  Oh, I said that already.  But, they were SO cute!  

When we got to the little beach we noticed there wasn't much beach there.  The water is really high right now from all the rain.  No swimmers today, but there was a family strolling up and down at water's edge.   It was a pair of geese with their fluffy yellow goslings.   They were SO cute!  They were just like the human toddlers you see waddling along the shore with mom or dad close at hand.   The parents were watching everyone closely as they walked by, but weren't aggressive, even though they were pretty near the sidewalk.   Did I mention that the babies were SO cute!   I can't help myself.  Baby animals make me melt. 

Speaking of babies, Jody and her hubby were Up North, visiting their son over the weekend.  A neighbor called them at 7 a.m. one morning to let them know his mare had foaled.  They got to see that cute little baby when it was just a couple of hours old!  I would have loved that!  

We were almost done with our walk when Jody noticed a Great Blue Heron sitting on a downed tree that was out in the water.  It was beautiful.  Just stood there on that tree staring back at us.  

I do have some pictures though, courtesy of Jody.   These were used recently for her church's 100th anniversary celebration - fittingly the church is Lake Nokomis Lutheran.  

This was a dredge used at Lake Nokomis, before it was called that.  It was no more than 5 feet deep and was really a slew hole or swamp.  I have read that they found the sand that was used for the beaches under the muck and mud they dredged away.  In the beginning it was called Lake Amelia.

It must have been quite a spectacle to watch the making of a lake.

Just want to let the kids out there know that water parks are nothing new. 

Jody and I,  and some of the neighborhood gang down at the lake for a swim.  When was this Jody?  About 1969 or 1970? 

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