Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.   My vegetables are planted, though not my annuals.   My iris are starting to bloom.  Looks like almost everything survived the winter, except the Hollyhock.

Saturday morning my Sister-In-Law and I were treated to pedicures by Princess Kitty as a Mother's Day gift.  Afterwards, we walked over to the Loring Kitchen for brunch on the patio.  What a great way to spend the morning.  It was too lovely out to be at home, so I called a friend and we met for the afternoon, sitting outside, taking and enjoying the lovely day.  Of course there was knitting and coffee in the mix.

On Mother's Day, Catman made breakfast for us, and then after the kitchen was cleaned up Princess Kitty showed up.  So, he made breakfast again for his Princess.  He cleaned up again while the Kitten and I walked around the lake.   There were plenty of people out already, picnics being set up, parents and kids wading at the beach,  bikers, joggers and walkers.  People just enjoying the morning.  
Princess Kitty needed a picture of the Unicorn, and I needed a picture of her.

There were several boats out with fisherpeople in them. 

The sailboats are starting to appear.

When we got home we headed for the backyard where we sat and talked, and visited with the neighbors.  
 Princess Kitty decided the garden gnome needed to be repainted. 
 She also painted a couple of bird houses for the neighbor.

Catman got my new basket from Catboy put on my bike, and adjusted my brakes.  My Kittens are already teasing me about the basket.  I keep hearing them humming music from the Wizard of Oz.  You all know the scene - the nasty neighbor woman (a.k.a. wicked witch)  riding her bike down the road with Toto in the wicker basket.   Humpffff..........I'll get you, My Pretties!

Catman grilled ribs for dinner and we called it a day.  
It was a lovely weekend.

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