Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Fever

Officially, it won't be spring for a little over four weeks yet, but who is going to believe the calendar when it's 43 degrees out?  This dog was jumping for joy!  Well actually, jumping for his toy,  but joyfully so. 

There were people and dogs and kids everywhere, including out on the ice.   They have put up the "Caution, Ice Not Safe" signs, but people were obviously ignoring them.  

There were quite a few ice fishermen out again, and a lot had little kids with them.  This group was making use of the diving docks that are anchored off shore. 

There were a lot of dog walkers out there too, and a guy on a bike.  I wonder if he's the same one I saw biking on Minnehaha Creek last month? 

These two where really cruising.  It looks like fun, but I have a feeling I'd do a face plant if I tried it.   

There is good reason to stay off the ice though - IT'S MELTING!!!   There are puddles everywhere, and there's actually open water along the shoreline in quite a few spots. 
I noticed this plaque today.  I missed it before.  It's on a bench at the top of the hill on the point.  I went to school with a guy that had this last name - from about 4th grade on, and I'm guessing this is for his dad. We haven't seen our classmate for many years.  A few of us tried tracking him down when we had a party to celebrate our class turning 50.  Haven't seen him at any class reunions either.  Hope you're okay R.

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