Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not Much To Say

I go from one extreme to the other, just like the weather around here.   Today it's sunny but crisp.  The usual ice fisherpeople were out......... the sound of ice augers filled the air.

The snow is pretty well gone. There were a lot more walkers, runners and bikers out today.

These are the same birch I posted yesterday.  I like the blue sky of today, but I think they showed of their lovely white bark better with the gray background.

The ice is starting to shift off the point. 

Something red caught my eye.   A little clump of dogwood.

And then I noticed this lone cattail by the little beach.  I've never seen cattails around the lake before.

I was about halfway around then doubled back a bit.  Decided to walk up the hill to Nokomis Beach Coffee.  See if any of the "regulars" were around.  This is where my knitting group meets on Wednesdays.  Grabbed a latte and sat done for a few minutes to talk to Russ, but then decided that I really didn't want to, or need to talk to anyone this afternoon.  I excused myself and said I had to be on my way.  I thought about walking home through the neighborhood, but went back down to the lake instead and walked back the way I had come.   
I saw more cattails, closer to Derby Avenue where I usually start my walk.  I can't believe I haven't seen them before!    

It excites me that I'm seeing things in a different way, that I'm noticing more of my surroundings.  I actually look forward to my walks now, not as something I should do because I need the exercise, but something I want to do, just because!

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