Monday, February 6, 2012


I have decided that I am an artist.  Knitting is my art.  I work hard at it.  I'm pretty good at it.  I like knitting because it's forgiving.  You get do-overs.  I'm working on a sweater right now, and I want it to be just right or I won't be happy wearing it.  I've knit three sleeves already.  No, I only have two arms, though sometimes a third would be nice.  I wasn't sure about the size of the first sleeve, so I knit the second one a bit differently and then tried the sweater on.  The second  sleeve was better, so I ripped out the first and re- knit it to match the second.  I then decided that the bottom third of the body wasn't quite right, so I ripped that out too, and am re-knitting it.  You can't do that with sewing.  Once you cut out the fabric, well, that's what you have.  You could make things a little smaller, but you can't make it bigger.  With sculpting, once you chip off a piece of marble you can't glue it back on and try again.   Photography seems to be forgiving.  I'm not talking about those once in a lifetime shots with people or animals.  I'm talking landscape.  I can re-shoot the same tree or bench and get essentially the same picture.  The light will be a bit different, or the angle a little more to the left or right, but it's forgiving.  I get do-overs.  

I admit that I have not been working hard at my photography.  I see something I like, I point, I shoot.  This project is more about the moment, what I see at any given time, what pleases me.  I did work a bit to get the picture of that crow the other day.  And, I worked a bit today at a shot I wanted.

I walked around the lake this afternoon with  my friend Jody.  We've know each other since 4th grade, and spent a lot of time at the lake together when we were growing up.  Now we walk around it together when we can. 

We were busy catching up, so I only took a couple of pictures.  I did notice that puddles are forming everywhere.  I think we're in for an early spring.

This is where Minnehaha Creek enters Lake Nokomis.

The sun was really bright today.  This almost looks like a night shot, but it's not.

But this is!
I was doing dishes after supper and noticed the moon coming up.  I told Catman to get his shoes on 'cause he was driving me down to the lake so I could take some pictures.   We got down by the boat launch and I took two pictures and those damn batteries died,  again!   I have been carrying extra with me, just in case, but I didn't grab them tonight.  So, we drove home.  I got fresh batteries and we drove back.  Good thing we live close!   I figured the best place to take pictures would be from the Cedar Avenue bridge, but there's no place to stop there.  When we got on the bridge there were no cars behind us, so I bailed out and told Catman I'd meet him down by the boat launch.  I shot quite a few pictures from the bridge and then several through the trees on my way to our rendezvous.   There were only two worth keeping, that one, and this one........
I think they're pretty good for my first night shots.   And the best thing is, I'll get do-overs.  I know the fisherman probably won't be in this spot again, but the moon will be.  

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