Friday, February 3, 2012

I Talk Too Much

I had a lovely walk this afternoon with a new friend, Jim.  We actually graduated together, but never knew each other in school.  I first met Jim and his girlfriend last summer when my friend Jody and I went to a car show at the Ford Plant.  Jim has a really cool, really old Ford that he was showing.   We've been Facebook friends since then.  There's a pretty big group of our classmates that check in regularly on FB, and it's been really fun to be in touch with everyone. Back to my walk.  Catman and I ran into Jim at the lake last week, and I found out he's a regular walker too. We tend to take our walks at about the same time, since we have similar work schedules, so we decided to meet up for a walk today.   We were so busy talking that before I knew it, we had circled the lake and I hadn't taken a single picture.  Fortunately, I just happen to have an extra shot from yesterday.  Trees, of course!

A few people are wondering about the "Cat" names I use for my family members.  I've used Catwoman for online identification for many years.  It's because we've always had cats, not because I think I'm a superhero.   On Ravelry, which is an extremely cool knitting and crochet community, we tend to call our family members by monikers that match up to our user names, so of course husband became Catman, daughter Princess Kitty, and son is Catboy.  And our cats? They get to use their real names, Cleocatra & Tiger.

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