Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ice, Murder & Ear Warmers

I thought I should walk the lake today after work.  I walked the Mother of All Malls yesterday afternoon with Jody, but thought some fresh air was in order.  By the time I got home I was telling myself it was too cold.  Then I reminded myself that I had walked last winter when it was -15, so I had no excuses.  I put on my Cuddle Duds (girly Long Johns), some nice wool hand-knit socks (Lake Nokomis), and then I went for my ear-warmers.   I was pretty sure I saw them when I cleaned out and painted the front hall closet this summer, but they weren't in "my" basket of scarves, gloves and hats.  Then I checked all the pockets of my

coats.  No luck.  Went out and checked the glove box of my car - still nothing.  Then I started blaming the boy-child.  He had amazingly "found" his pair a week or two ago - they had gone missing last year.  Of course I figured he had claimed mine as his own.  So, I called him accusingly, and he denied that he had mine.  I pouted  for a few minutes and decided not to walk.  And then, I checked out my underwear drawer!  And there they were - why wouldn't they be there?  Doesn't everyone put their ear warmers in their underwear drawer for safekeeping?   I did call the boy-child back to apologize.    

I found ice on the lake.  I think this is more ice than we had most of last winter.  I'm not ready for this, even though it's almost December.   The geese are finally gone, but there are still plenty of ducks around, and lots of fat squirrels.

I stopped for awhile on the north shore to listen to the ice.  There was a really cool crackling sound, something between broken glass and wind chimes. 

I only saw a few ducks left on the lake until I got around to little beach.  They were flying in from all directions, they were floating in the water and waddling around the walking paths.   I walked through a group of about 30, and they didn't seem to mind at all.

Another pretty sunset.
Now I have a burning question about crows.  I've wondered about it every time I see a few of them together on my walks, which is pretty much all the time.  How many crows need to be together to be considered a murder?  I googled the question but only got one answer with an actual number - it was four.  Today I saw three crows that were obviously together, a family unit,  but there was a fourth crow.  It was definitely not part of the group.  It was harassing the other three.   Was it still a murder of crows, even though number four wasn't part of the main group?  


  1. yeah Liz, went to TX for Thanksgiving where it was high 70's to low 80's. then we come back to this crap! Judy is ALWAYS cold after her weight loss.the other thing is flannel lined pants, we both have a pair. and talk about feelin good ! nice pics again Liz, but ya need a NEWER camera. and no ya cant have mine, but i will look when we go to Goodwill or Salvation Army next time. take care.


  2. The boy child was mad when you called him at work to blame him