Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Jody and I hit the lake again this afternoon. We had a moment of whimsy and had to try out the swings.

Unfortunately, we both have issues with motion sickness, so that didn't last long.  Not to mention that my butt doesn't fit the sling quite the same way it did when I was eight! 

We caught a woodpecker attacking the old concession stand.  He's doing quite a job on it.

I love that so many of the birds around here are not the least bit afraid of humans.  So much easier to take their pictures! 

The Minneapolis high schools were holding a cross country meet.  I was heard to yell "Go Teddies" at one point. Well, not really yell, but I did say it out loud.  And, for my dear daughter (who went to South, but we love her anyway) I did "think" to myself "Tigers, Tigers, Mighty, Mighty Tigers", when a few of their team ran by.  She was a cheerleader at South, so I have a lot of their cheers permanently stuck in my brain from her constant practicing, though I can usually pull up a Roosevelt cheer from deep within my memory and drown out the Tiger chants.
Southwest and Washburn were running too.  I didn't notice Edison or North there, but I wasn't really looking for them.

Just a side note - neither Jody nor I have seen Speedo Man since spring.  We've been a little worried about him.  Well maybe not worried, but wondering.  Has anyone seen him?  He's been such a reglar fixture for a long time.  Hope he's okay.  Maybe's he's just been wearing clothes and we don't recognize him?  

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