Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seasons Change And So Do I

A few weeks ago I was griping about summer winding down, about how blue I get when I notice the days are starting to get shorter, when the leaves on the trees start looking old and tired, knowing that in a few short months we will have winter.   But, fortunately, those feelings are short lived.  Even thought tomorrow is the last day of summer, I am enjoying the changing weather.  It's good sleeping weather.  Boy, do I sound more and more like my Mom!   But it is.  Cool enough at night that you need to pull a blanket up to your chin, but warm enough during that day that you can still wear short sleeves.   Transition days.  You need a jacket in the morning on your way to work, but, it's so nice in the afternoon when it's time to go home that you forget it there and then come morning, no jacket.  I've done that three days this week so far. 
I did pull some old friends out of the back of my closet yesterday.  I'm a jeans kind of gal.  I love wearing jeans.  But, since I can't wear them to work, except on rare occasions, I wear cords a lot during the cooler weather.   I wore a pair yesterday, and it was like finding an old friend.  I was so happy and comfortable.  I know it sounds silly, but I think just about everyone has something in their wardrobe that they love to wear more than anything.  Even more than my jeans, I love my corduroys.  And, I love sweaters.  Sweaters and cords go together so well.  My sweaters are ready and waiting, but it will have to get pretty cold before I pull them out.  I do have a fall-ish vest on my needles that should be done soon, and I can wear it during this transition time.  I also have a nice cardigan that I finished this past spring, but haven't worn yet.  It will be perfect with cords, or dress pants.   I'm ready for the change.  Change is good.

I was able to walk with Jody today after work.  It's been weeks.  She was busy, then I was busy, then she was, and well, we finally connected.   Hopefully we can get back to walking together more regularly again.

OOPS #2.  What's with the capsized boats?

The leaves are starting to turn.

There was a flock of geese at the Big Beach today that fascinated us.  They were all doing somersaults.  Really.  Somersaults!  Neither of us had ever seen this before.  We assumed that they were cleaning themselves, rubbing their backs on the sandy bottom when they flipped over.

I don't think anyone else really even noticed.  No one stopped to watch like we did.  They all just kept walking by.

Lots of fluffy clouds and bright blue sky.  Beautiful day for a walk.

There's been some work going on along the creek over the past week or two. A new dam has been built to keep the creek from flowing into the lake.  A few years ago they put an inflatable "bladder"  here to keep the creek water out.  They did it to clean up the water quality of the lake.  Now they've built this dam.  Looks like there will be a gate, probably to let water out of the lake if it gets too high,  not to let the creek in.

Minnehaha Creek is just about bone dry.  Did they close the dam at Lake Minnetonka so they could do the dam building, or is it dry due to the lack of rain?  

Always something interesting to see around here when your eyes are open. 

Enjoy the last day of summer tomorrow!

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