Sunday, July 1, 2012


Wow, I've been writing this blog for six months now.  When I first started, I really didn't know if I'd last for six months, let alone a full year, but here I am at the halfway point.  Will I continue?  Yes, I will.  I have gained so much from this experience, and am so glad that I started it. 

I am overcoming my shyness, though it's still a work in progress.  This writing part is still hard, but not as bad as it was in January.  I'm a little bolder now,  more apt to start a conversation with a stranger.

I'm getting outside and walking more.  Some days I'll walk with a friend, other days by myself.  It's lovely either way. 

I'm much more aware of my surroundings, and know that I am very lucky to live here with all the wonderful lakes and parks we have.  This beautiful lake has been in my backyard my whole life, and I have never really appreciated it like I should have.  

I'm making progress with the camera.  I can't wait to get home and plug my card into the computer and see what I've captured.  I have a few favorites that bring a smile to my face whenever I look at them, and sometimes I'm pretty amazed to realize that I was the one who took the picture!

Six more months of discovery awaits me.

It was so peaceful at 7:00 this morning, though it was already very humid.

 I think sailboats have replaced trees for now as my favorite things to photograph.

Yup, definitely the boats.

These ducks aren't afraid at all when someone stops to take a peek at them.
These make me smile.

I forgot to post this last week.  There was a run sponsored by Delta last Saturday morning.  It made our walk pretty difficult, but the car was interesting.  

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