Thursday, July 19, 2012

For Jenny, Because She Misses My Posts

My friend Jenny got after me last night at our weekly Knit Night, because I haven't posted anything since the first of the month.  I haven't been out for a walk since then because it's been way too hot and humid for me.  My asthma flares when I exert myself in this kind of weather.  It's better if I just stay in the air conditioning and do yoga or knit.  I have very shapely wrists from all the knitting I do.  It's great exercise for the hands and forearms. 

Temps were back down to the low 80's today, though still pretty humid, but I grabbed my inhaler and headed to the lake. 

I don't know what to call this crater in a tree root.  There's probably a name for it.  I thought it was pretty with the water that collected in it from the rain we had yesterday.

I've been meaning to to take a picture of this for a long time.   WPA 1939.  There are many, many slabs of sidewalk that are stamped with this date, and many more that aren't stamped, but were obviously poured at the same time.  Hard to believe they've held up for 73 years.

 These coneflowers are in a butterfly garden by the Little Beach.

Here's another type of coneflower.  These are some wild growing highway cones.  Most of you probably thought these were made in a factory somewhere, but actually we grow them here in Minnesota.  Up North you'll see field after field of the cultivated variety, but it's rare to see them growing wild in the city like this. 

Motivational graffiti.

 Obviously, another favorite spot of mine.  Water level is down quite a bit.

I spent 15 minutes watching three Monarch butterflies fluttering around a garden in front of the beach house at the Big Beach, and shot about 30 pictures, only to discover when I got home that I had smudged my lens, so none of them turned out well.  I'm posting one anyway.  They were really fun to watch, chasing each other, coming together as a group and then separating, one flying off here, another landing there.  Hopefully, my luck with second chances will continue, and I'll get some better butterfly pictures.

Jenny, I hope you enjoyed today's post, and I'll try to post more often, just for you!

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  1. I'm so glad I win an honorable mention! Pictures are marvelous as usual. Kim & I saw the 2nd motivational piece too, very nice. J