Monday, August 13, 2012

Carpe Diem

I'm still here!   I've been walking, and taking pictures, but I just haven't felt like writing.  It's the time of year.  Summer's almost over and soon it will be Fall.  And we all know what comes next!   I know I should just enjoy the present, but it's so hard for me.  I'm a warm weather, sunshine kind of girl.  I think it would be great to be a kid again.  We were able to just  live in the moment back then.  We were oblivious to time/day/date. One day ran into the next. Weekday, weekend, it was all the same.   I've noticed recently that the days are getting shorter.  I'm up early and out of the house before 6:00.  It's still dark now when I leave the house.  As a kid I probably didn't get up before 8:00, and I'm sure I wasn't even aware that this happened.   It was just another summer day that lasted forever.  We'd get up, have a quick breakfast and then head to the park, come home for lunch, back to the park, or maybe to the beach, home for supper, and out to play some more.  We didn't mind if the sun started setting a little sooner.  It was more fun to play ditch or other games with all the neighborhood kids if it was a little dark out.   We knew that school would be starting again at some point,  but I don't think it really sank in until State Fair Week.  Even then, it still seemed like we had plenty of time to just have fun.  Sure, we had gone shopping for a couple of new outfits, maybe a few notebooks and pencils, and yes we looked at the Wards/Sears/Penney's fall catalogs, but those clothes were for when it got cold!  It was still 80 or 90 degrees out.   Summer was going to last forever.

I'm noticing changes around the lake now too.  The spring ducklings are the same size as the momma ducks. Can't tell one from the other.   The water is green.  South High was having soccer practice on the ball fields today.  All the trees and plants are looking different.  They look tired.  That's how I always seem them.  Sure, the hot, dry summer hasn't helped, but no matter what the weather is like, come August they start their change.   The leaves are a much darker green now, not that lovely bright green from May.  It looks like it's hard for them to hold their limbs up. All the leaves have just gotten too heavy.   It's still very beautiful, just different.


I'm still digging all the boats out on the lake though. 

Friday afternoon I noticed this pretty yellow boat anchored just a few feet from the south shore, but I didn't seen anyone around.  Thought maybe they lived nearby and ran home for awhile, or, maybe they were spending some time below decks? 

I was surprised when it was still here on Saturday morning, when I went for an early walk with Jody.   We were almost back to our starting point when we noticed it was being towed back to the boat harbor.  
Now it was obvious that this was a run-away.  It really had grounded itself good, because it hadn't moved at all from Friday afternoon until Saturday morning. I don't think there was any damage because it was moored and afloat today.

 I saw these Double Crested Cormorants Friday afternoon.  I don't think I've ever noticed any around here before. 

We can see you!   I'm thinking this used to be the Partridge Family Bus. 


Cleocatra enjoying a morning "catnap" in a sunny window.  She always does that with her foot - hooks one toenail into the screen.

I'm going to try and enjoy the rest of our summer, and hopefully a very, very long fall, and not think about what comes after that!  I will seize the day.


  1. you were takin pictures on friday?LOL, im sorry i couldnt warn ya, but i think IM in your pictures from friday Liz !Fran called me late morning friday and we were on the lake after 3PM till like 6:30 or so. then he took me to the 5 8 club for a greesy burger. i think you got a picture of ME at the helm of Frans boat ! we also checked on that boat and Fran callled it in to see who owned it. sorry Liz, i know i was supposed to let you know, but the notice was kinda short ! :)

    Dave Storgaard

  2. Dave- for some reason as soon as I saw that boat, I felt you and Fran were on it. I followed it around the lake taking pictures, and when I was on the fishing dock I almost yelled "ahoy" - you were on the north end trying to adjust the sails. Too bad it didn't work out for a meet up! Next time.